We understand the need to provide efficient and timely customer service and to ensure comprehensive, reliable and sustainable supporting infrastructure in order to help tackle the challenges facing the Town and ensure we are best prepared for future challenges.

GOAL D: Operate the Town efficiently and effectively

Objective: To take a leadership role in supporting strategic and collaborative community development and ensure fiscal responsibility in maintaining the Town’s assets


Survey respondents identified the following priorities for action:

  • Difficult road system
  • Lack of wayfinding
  • Lack of funds
  • Need to plan for climate change/sea level rise
  • Limited available land for development
  • Historic Building listings presents constraints
  • Badly maintained sidewalk
  • Delivery parking needs addressing
  • Ad hoc street parking needs addressing
  • TCD-related constraints e.g. for minibuses
  • Flooding
  • More public restrooms are needed

Key opportunities identified:

  • New water/wastewater infrastructure being installed
  • Access to technology/wifi about town
  • Participate fully in current review of World Heritage Plan and ensure integration with Strategic Action Plan for Town
  • UNESCO World Heritage Status


D1. Develop a sustainable Asset Management Program

D2. Enhance and put to highest and best uses, existing public spaces

D3. Enhance and put to highest and best uses, existing CStG buildings

D4. Develop/update/enforce Town bylaws, policies and plans

D5. Maintain a positive work environment for Council and Corporation staff

D6. Develop and strengthen partnerships with Government and NGO community

D7. Identify and meet the needs of the Town's citizens in a manner compatible with the Town's ability to pay

D8. Examine existing and establish fiscal policies that promote the financial health of the town