Tuesday, 03 September 2019 14:10

World Tourism Day BERMUDA - Survey

This year the Town of St.George is joining countries all around the globe to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27! This year's theme is "Tourism in Jobs - A Better Future for All". So what better way to celebrate than to honor those who have contributed to the improvement of tourism in our great Town!

Our very own, the late Councillor Phillip Anderson was one such figure. His unwavering dedication to the growth of tourism in the Town of St.George goes without saying. So on this day, we will celebrate World Tourism Day 2019 in his honor!

In addition to the late Councillor we would like to honor 3 outstanding individuals who through their jobs have set in motion a better future in tourism in the Town of St.George and to do this we are asking for your help! By taking this 3 minute survey you can help us by voting on the deserving nominee's who through their jobs work to improve our tourism product in the Town of St.George. Then join us on September 27 at 7pm in King's Square when we will share our winners along with a night of great entertainment!


Voting has ended.  Thank you for participating. 

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