1. Confirmation of quorum
2. Open Meeting
3. Apologies
4. Adoption of Minutes of the previous meeting
5. Matters Arising / Outstanding Matters
6. Committee Reports and Recommendations
- Finance – Councillor Smith Jr.
- Infrastructure, Development & Property – Mayor Dowling III
- Governance Committee – Councillor Christopher
- Activities – Councillor Roberts
7. Government Board Member Reports
- Planning Board
- Marine Board
- Fire Services Advisory Board
8. Other Board Member Reports
- St. George’s Preservation Authority
9. Town Manager / Secretary Report
10. Any Other Business

The Corporation of St George meets monthly in the Town Hall located at Kings Square in St George, Bermuda.
However, due to COVID-19 the Mayor and Councillors agreed to meet virtually for health and safety and to follow national guidelines on social distancing.
If you have any questions about the Town of St. George or want your voice heard, please email the Town Manager, Ms Candy-Lee Foggo. She will respond or seek to get answers.
Each committee makes recommendations to the full Council for a final resolution. Although the Mayor has the right to veto any decision by the Council, this has been done rarely in the past.

Did you know In addition to managing the affairs of the Town, the Mayor and Councillors represent the interest of the residents and business by sitting on external boards and committees.

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