The Corporation of St. George

Dear Memhers:

There will be a meeting of the General Council of the Corporation of St. George on Thursday, 27th January 2022 at 6:00pm via Microsoft Teams to consider the following:



1. Confirmation of Quorum

2. Open Meeting

3. Apologies

4. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting

5. Matters Arising/ Outstanding Matters

6. Town Manager/ Secretary Report

7. Committee Reports and Recommendations
  a. Finance - Councilor Smith
  b. Infrastructure, Development and Property- Mayor Dowling III
  c. Governance - Councilor Christopher
  d. Activities - Councilor Roberts

8. Government Board Members Reports
  a. Planning Board  
  b. Marine Board
  c. Fire Services Advisory Board

9. Other Board Member Reports
  a. St Georges Preservation Authority

10. Any Other Business


Candy-Lee Foggo, Secretary & Town Manager

Wednesday, 05 January 2022 11:12


Duke of Clarence Street, Chapel Lane & Governor's Alley in St. George's 

Lane Closure for BLDC Trench Works 

Monday January 10th, 2022 through Monday January 31st, 2022

The Town of St. George wishes to inform motorist that BLDC's ongoing trench will continue up Duke of

Clarence Street north of Chapel Lane towards Governor's Alley and also along Chapel Land from Queen's

Street to Duke of Clarence Street.

Chapel Lane will be closed to all vehicular traffic for the duration of trenching on this road.

Governor's Alley will be closed to vehicular traffic once the trenching reaches this section.

All residence and business visitors are advised not to park on either side of Duke of Clarence Street, Chapel Lane and

Governor's Alley as the trench work passes through.

The lane closure will commence Monday January 10th, 2022.  Working hours will be from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, 

weekly from Monday through Saturday.  Trench work should reach 200 feet open section lengths at a time. 

Motorist are advised to use Queen Street or Government Hill Road as a detour to avoid the trench section.

Traffic controls will be under the direction of Smith Hauling representatives and will be managed through 

traffic control signs and barricades.

The Corporation of St. George's wishes to encourage the full cooperation of the public and apologizes 

for any inconvenience that may result. 

Should There be any questions regarding these works, please direct quires to the attention of

Stephen Tucker, Project Manager for BLDC at 501-3010.  Any queries on traffic control should be directed

to Tina Beer-Searle, Acting Principal Highways Engineer of Public Works on 501-3044

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