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January General Meeting - 26th January 2023 at 6:00PM

Dear Members:
There will be a meeting of the General Council of the Corporation of St. George on Thursday, 26th January 2023 at 6:00PM in the Towne Hall to consider the following:


1. Confirmation of Quorum
2. Open Meeting
3. Apologies
4. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting
5. Matters Arising

6. Town Manager/Secretary Report

7. Committee Reports & Recommendations

a. Finance - Councilor Andrew Smith, Jr.

a. Resolution: To award $30K to paint exterior walls of the Salvation Army
b. Resolution: To award $10K to the St. George's Crown Newspaper
c. Resolution: To award $20K to the St. George's Foundation
d. Resolution: To grant $40K to Restore & Maintain St. Peter's Church Clock
e. Resolution: To grant $100K for the Signature Events
f. Resolution: To grant $10K for Interpretive Signage

b. Infrastructure, Development & Property - Mayor Dowling, III

a. Resolution: To allowing the National Gallery to utilize and display the Verpilleaux paintings.

c. Governance - Councilor Christopher

d. Activities - Councilor Roberts

8. Government Board Members Reports

a. Planning Board
b. Fire Services Advisory Board

9. Other Board Member Reports

a. St. George's Preservation Authority

10. Any Other Business

Candy-Lee Foggo | Town Manager &Secretary:

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