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Super Yacht Dock Officially Opened

The Hon. David Burt JP MP, Premier and Min. of Finanace
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Earlier today [May 22, 2023], Premier David Burt and Minister David Burch opened the Super Yacht Dock in St. Georges. Watch more here ?????

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Honorable David Burt, Minister of Public Works, Lieutenant Colonel David Burch MP, Renee Ming MP for Constituency One, ministers, MPs, Mayor Cornell Francis, newly elected councilors Mr. Mark Sewells, and all other dignitaries present, thank you for joining us today for the opening of the St. George's Marina and super yacht dock.

We begin with a prayer from Reverend Lauren Bean, followed by remarks from the Premier. Psalm 146, verses 5 and 6, reminds us of the joy and blessings that come to those who have God as their helper, placing their hope in the Lord. We acknowledge God as the creator of land, sea, and sky, and we thank Him for the opportunity to be stewards of His creation.

We express our gratitude for the resources drawn from this endeavor and ask for blessings upon those who seek and provide services at the marina. May those who benefit from these services prosper and live in peace with God and one another.

Good afternoon, Saint George's. I extend my thanks to the Minister, the Secretary of the Corporation, the Council of the Corporation, the Mayor, parliamentary colleagues, Mrs. Soares, the team present, and members of the media. Our government made a commitment in the 2020 election platform to enhance the Corporation and the community of St. George's through development projects that stimulate the economy, boost community pride, and honor the town's historical roots.

Today, we celebrate the fulfillment of one of our significant promises, the construction of a world-class marina that positions Bermuda as a super yacht destination. This marina, situated on Ordnance Island, offers excellent amenities to yachting visitors and creates job opportunities beyond construction. It is a testament to our commitment to providing economic opportunities and investment to the St. George's community, further enhancing Bermuda's status as a world-class tourism destination.

I express my gratitude to the Minister of Public Works, Lieutenant Colonel David Burch, his team, and all stakeholders involved in the project. I also thank the people of St. George's for their support and patience during the development process. It is an honor to witness the fulfillment of another promise, and I now hand over the floor to the Minister.

Thank you, Bermuda. I am pleased to be here to celebrate the transformation of the facility at Ordnance Island. This project has been a long journey, starting in 2012, and it has involved collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Public Works, the Corporation of St. George's, and the St. George's Marina Development Limited.

Today, we witness the government's commitment to the super yacht charter industry and the associated industries that thrive alongside it. The introduction of the Super Yachts and Vessels Miscellaneous Act 2019, along with updates to existing regulations, has made it easier for super yachts to obtain permits for cruising and chartering in Bermuda. This legislation supports various sectors of our economy, including retail, taxis, and restaurants, through increased spending by super yacht crews.

I acknowledge the vital contributions of Christian Construction Limited, DNJ Construction, and Engineering Consultant Now Limited, who played integral roles in the construction, renovation, and technical supervision of the marina. The successful completion of the Hunter's Wharf dock paved the way for this new facility, which will solidify Bermuda's position as a premier destination for super yachts and unlock opportunities for local businesses, particularly in St. George's.

In conclusion, I congratulate Mr. Mark Soares and his team on their achievement and express my appreciation to the Corporation of St. George's for the revenue generated for the town through this arrangement. We have set a new standard of excellence in the super yacht industry, and I believe this marina and the town of St. George can lead the way in ensuring a thriving and prosperous future for our super yacht charter and ancillary industries.

Thank you, everyone, for your remarks.

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