The Corporation Of St. George

Monthly General Meeting

Our next meeting date is November 24th 2022 at 6PM hosted in Town Hall. During the meeting you will learn about new projects and updates on projects that are underway. The agenda is posted to our website 

The Community Survey Report is Available.

The Corporation of St. George is inclusive in the development of the Town Plan. We sought the feedback of residents, businesses, and partners across the community. Read the report to learn about the top concerns. The report is presented in easy-to-understand categories.

Town Plan

Business Spotlight

Dowlings Marine Gas Station gets a special mention in our business spotlight for their fearless and brave efforts to contain the boat fire that took place in our town in October.

The staff at Dowling showed high skill and fast thinking at the time of the event. The Corporation of St. Georges is grateful for those who worked hard in efforts to keep the town safe during such an unfortunate event.

Thank you Dowlings staff!



This month prepare for the holiday spirit with cheers to success and double dose of cuteness from our community.

Congratulations to The St. Georges Cricket Club men's football league teams for securing their spot as number 2 on the league board only 3 points shy of leading in points.

Prepare yourself for the faces of our future with St. Georges prep gracing us with their vocabulary parade, they will visit the town, Somers Garden, Ordnance Island and many more places on their route.

Please continue to support and enjoy the atmosphere of our town.

Show some love this holiday season with a special new dish for everyone to enjoy, Peach cobbler is a simple and easy yet tasty dish that will keep everyone happy and begging for more!

See the link below for the full recipe.



Bermuda National Trust Walk
Friday December 2nd 2022 6-9 PM

Santa Comes to Town
Saturday December 3rd 2022 6-9 PM


If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.