General Meeting

The next meeting day is March 23rd, 6 PM in the Town Hall. During the meeting, you will learn about all the projects underway and new programs and projects we may be undertaking. The standard agenda follows:





Failed: To award $55,000 to the St. George's Seafood Festival (additional detail requested)
Approve: To approve the F2023/24 Budget

* All resolutions require the approval of the Minister responsible for Municipalities.

Road Closures

When the Corporation hosts major events, we will reduce public access to ensure public safety. On some occasions, there are no road closures, but there may be traffic delays as the participants exit the Town.

Dates: Friday, March 17th (from 12 noon)
Road: King’s Square/Ordnance Island/Water Street/Penno's Drive
Event: Triple Challenge - Urban Foot Race

Corporation's Direct Investment

UNESCO World Heritage Fund Assists the Town.

The Corporation of St. George’s has had a long-standing commitment to giving back to the town. We believe that making an investment in our people and caring for our community makes St. George a better place for all. Despite our funding challenges, we have seen a way to give money or in kind to make dreams a reality, bring residents together, and empower businesses growth.

The government has provided us with a fund called the UNESCO World Heritage Fund for the purpose of maintaining, developing, and promoting the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Town of St. George. The fund has limited uses, and it is a levy on the fuel imported at St. George’s fuel docks. As fund stewards, the Corporation of St. George’s Town Council has had many general meeting debates about how to better the town and its people.

In 2022, the Council has granted a selection of organisations funding to help better the town, raise our national profile as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and create opportunities for harmony. This year, the corporation supports telling the stories of the town through the town paper, repairing the treasured landmarks at local churches, and expanding outreach programmes that make St. George's a more interesting destination through volunteerism.

CSG Welcomes "The Exhaust Fan" to the Town

Town Hall Exhaust Fan
An exhaust fan heats up the nation. There have been lots of comments about an exhaust fan being installed in the town. The fervour over the exhaust fan reached the upper echelons of government, and the island’s premier weighed in. This highlights that the Town of St. George’s is very relevant, despite statements to the contrary. That said, the town’s reputation for working with businesses should be clarified.

We don’t object to business, new or old, controversial or progressive.

We have standards. These requirements are part of our international brand and our value proposition for Bermuda and the UK: oldest; UNESCO; World Heritage Site. Should we abandon those things, the town will have to compete on a new global level.

We welcome businesses. We only ask that they follow the national and regional guidelines presented to maintain our sterling business reputation as a cultural destination, which has been admired by generations of mariners, historians, and monarchs.

Occasionally, a new venture may need special consideration, but rarely does the town say no. For example, other restaurants around the town have cooking exhaust fans—no issue there. Even more noticeable are the town's progressive views on the adoption of telecommunications and electric apparatus—cellular towers for 4G service, charging stations, and the forthcoming solar revolution across St. Georgian's rooftops.

If you wish to start a business, contact the town’s business development team at the BEDC; they have all the tools, resources, and some funding to get you up and running. If you want to develop land for a new business, you should consult with the Department of Planning and our Chamber of Commerce's Real Estate Division.

St. George’s is a living town. People live here. Families work here. Guests visit here. All are welcome.

Sanitary Water Service Discontinued

Sanitary Flushing Discontinued
Review complete; network decommissioned.

The Corporation of St. George's will regularly review services supplied to the town and make decisions to enhance and focus resources so that the town obtains optimal services.

We assessed the service of delivering sanitary water and determined that it is not an efficient use of our resources; there is a small customer base, and any capital investments would not increase efficiency. As a result, we have stopped delivering sanitary water that was mostly utilised for flushing.

We have undertaken our due diligence by notifying known impacted consumers and liaising with local MPs and even the Ministry of Public Works. If anyone has questions about the decommissioning of the sanitary water network, please contact the CSG office. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Wastewater Update

Waste Water Update
"To that end I am pleased to report that the project is scheduled to be completed within the 2nd quarter of 2023 – barring any unforeseen events."

"This will also usher in the new waste collection system, and a new waste treatment system that can accommodate hotels in the East as well as the Corporation of St. George and Southside." — Minister Lt/Col David Burch’s, Ministry of Public Works

Ministry Statement

Town Commemorates Living Centre

Independent Living Opening
Mayor participates in opening.

The Ministries of Social Development and Public Works, as well as local MPs, mark the formal launch of the Independent Living Plan. The Municipality of St. George's was the first to provide a facility for adolescents transitioning from foster care to adult living. Charmaine Richardson, the coordinator, is qualified to help clients with a variety of life skills.

"We recognize that this program is not just about providing a roof over someone's head it's about investing in the potential of our young people, We are giving them the tools and the resources they need to thrive and succeed, and that is something that will benefit all of us; I believe that Independent Living Program will be a vital asset to our Bermuda community."— Mayor George Dowling III, JP.

Watch The Opening




Friday - March 17th - Triple Challenge - Urban Foot Race
Tuesday - March 21st - World Poetry Day
Friday - April 7th - Good Friday
Friday - April 7th - Walk To Calvary
Wednesday - April 26th - Peppercorn Ceremony


March 21st, 2023: UNESCO World Poetry Day

UNESCO Poetry Day
King's Square, St. George's.

Students and adults will read their own writings commemorating St. George's maritime and historical significance. Everyone is welcome to the Town Square to hear our poets.

History: UNESCO first adopted 21 March as World Poetry Day during its 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999, with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard.

World Poetry Day

Did you know …

Rent Somers Garden

You can host major or intimate event in St. George’s at one of the amazing locations; Penno’s Wharf, Somers Garden, King's Square and Town Hall, any of these spots are beautiful and idyllic to host a company function, weddings, milestone birthday or any occasion. For more information please contact CSG Offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 297-1532.

Victoria's Clean Sweep

Victoria Clean Sweep
St George’s Foundation makes the difference.

At times, little changes in the neighbourhood may be unnoticed. We are busy living our lives and caring for our families. Someone will occasionally come by and encourage us to look up and acknowledge a community effort. We are not disregarding our neighbourhood; rather, our attention is drawn to issues that are likely to pique our interest.

One individual picking up a bit of trash may be overlooked. However, a small army dedicated to improving the town on a continuous basis may gain your appreciation. The St. George's Foundation is a small army of unsung heroes in the town's beatification effort.

Across the parish, teams from the Foundation have been investing their time and attention in making the town better for tourists and residents and strengthening the town's World Heritage Site designation. Recently featured in the Royal Gazette, the Foundation was spotlighted for its latest project: clearing Fort Victoria.

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If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.