Pastor Lorne Bean 
Richard Allen A.M.E. Church


About Pastor Bean

The Reverend Dr. Lorne Bean is the pastor of Richard Allen A.M.E. Church, located in the Towne of St. George, and is an authorized Towne of St. George Tour Guide. 

Town Plan Steering Committee
Our role is to analyze data, provide direction, and support progress that focuses on the Town’s social, economic, infrastructure, and investment outlook

Ex Officio: Ms Candy-Lee Foggo, Secretary & Town Manager | Town Planners: Bermuda Environmental Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions
of the Committee
  • Who is the Steering Committee? +
    • Mayor George Dowling III, JP, Chairman
    • Laura Purroy, Bermuda Hotel Co.
    • Kelli Thompson, Saltwater Jewellry Design
    • Garon Dowling, RUBiS Dowling's Marine Service Station
    • Andrew Roberts, Owner, QTS Bermuda Ltd
    • Pastor, Lorne Bean, Richard Allen A.M.E. Church
    • Mark Soares, President, Bermuda Yacht Services
  • What is the role of the Steering Committee? +

    To analyze data, provide direction, and support progress

  • What are the top projects for the Steering Committee or the Town? +

    As executive outcomes from the Town Plan, we are considering three levels.

    • For infrastructure, we are looking at the full development of Ordnance Island and its attached marina.

    • In economic sustainability, engage stakeholders in programmes that are mutually beneficially in generating revenue for the CSG and businesses.

    • And socially support community programmes that will see people from a cross-section of the community come together to share ideas and experiences.

  • What special consideration has to be made because of its heritage and UNESCO status? +

    CSG meets with Town partners regularly to review special conditions associated with work that is commencing in the Town. Works and Engineering, BELCO, Planning, SGPA, Telecoms, Marine and Ports, and the National Trust are just a few examples. The Town’s status as a World Heritage Site is always balanced with the needs of the living town. St George's has evolved over 400 years of continuous occupation, from the industrial to the information era, and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Are there any absolutes NOs for the Town +

    Modern projects are feasible if they adhere to certain guidelines. The Town works with a range of partners and is guided by the Bermuda Plan for 2018. For example: Development within the Town of St. George Historic Protection Area shall comply with the following development regulations:- (a) the maximum building height shall not exceed three storeys; and (b) reflective glass shall not be permitted.

  • Who do you partner/communicate with during the planning process? +

    Residents, businesses, the government, and investors are all involved in the process. Surveying, face-to-face meetings, research, and continuing engagement are all part of the Town Plan process.

  • What is your plan for communicating the progress of the Town Plan and projects around the Town? +

    Progress on the Town Plan can found on the Corporation of St George's website, Major announcements will be published in the media and the Town's official Facebook Page. For direct updates, sign up for the Town Newsletter.

  • Who carries out the work of the Town Plan? +

    The Corporation of St George executes projects listed in the Town Plan.