Dear Members:

There will be a meeting of the General Council of the Corporation of St. George’s on Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 6:00PM in the Towne Hall to consider the following:


1. Confirmation of Quorum
2. Open Meeting
3. Apologies
4. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting
5. Matters Arising
6. Town Manager/Secretary Report

7. Committee Reports & Recommendations
a. Finance & Property – Councillor Trott JP
- Resolution To grant $25,000.00 for the Signature Event of Cup Match Extravaganza
b. Infrastructure & Development – Mayor Francis JP
c. Activities – Councillor Butterfield

8. Government Board Members Reports
a. Planning Board
b. Fire Services Advisory Board
9. Other Board Member Reports
10. Public Participation
11. Any Other Business

Foggo | Town Manager & Secretary