General Meeting

The next meeting day is June 22nd, 6 PM in the Town Hall.  This will be the first sitting of the new administration. During the meeting, you will learn about all the projects underway and new programs and projects we may be undertaking. The standard agenda follows:

Town Manager / Secretary Report
Committee Reports and Recommendations
Government Board Member's Reports
Other Board Member Reports
Action Items from the Town Plan
Public Q&A Period





There was no General Meeting in the month of May.

* All resolutions require the approval of the Minister responsible for Municipalities.

Road Closures

When the Corporation hosts major events, we will reduce public access to ensure public safety. On some occasions, there are no road closures, but there may be traffic delays as the participants exit the Town.

From: Friday, June 16 - 3 pm
To: Sunday, June 18 - 11 pm
Street: King's Square
Event: Portuguese Festival

Trash Collection

Public holidays may disrupt the collection of trash in the Town of St. George for business and residents.

Holiday Collections:
- National Hero's Day - Tuesday, June 20th

Community Feedback

Hello Ms. Foggo,
I went for a long walk through our Somers Park this evening. I was so impressed by the originality and careful, thoughtful design of our gardens. We have put the Botanical Gardens to shame!

I understand the praise should go Keisha. Please tell her how proud we are of our park. How very refreshing!  


The New Council

Embarking on a Promising Era.

The Corporation of St. George's is pleased to announce that we have a new mayor and councillors. It was a nail-biter of an election, with Mayor Quinell Francis winning by a margin of eight votes (207) against Mr. George Dowling III (199). Mayor Francis returns to office after a four-year hiatus, bringing with her new ideas and enthusiasm to improve the town.

Returning to their positions as councillors are Ms. Elizabeth Christopher, Mr. N. Garon Dowling, Mr. Alfonso Harris, and Ms. Tianny Butterfield. Joining the Council are Mr. Jari Roul Denzel Ming, Mr. Lynwood Clark Trott, Mr. Allen Van Putten, and Dr. Amne Osseyran.

Congratulations to all!

We would also like to express our gratitude to former Mayor George Dowling III and former councillors Mr. Andrew Robert, Mr. Andrew Smith, Mr. David Chew, and Ms. Zindziswa Swan for their dedicated service to the town.

Election Results

Town Pub on the Square

Soft Opening.

It has been reported in the national media that the long-awaited work on the historic building is wrapping up. Mr. Thomas is now preparing to open it, invigorate the square, increase employment opportunities, and, most importantly, deliver great food and beverages.

"A milestone was reached in the St. Georges Town Square as a new restaurant sign was installed. “Pub & Restaurant was chosen as a nod to the past and present”, says spokesperson Kristina Burrows...

"After extensive restoration and renovation for 2 years, we are excited to be on the home stretch”, says Ms Burrows. “We are putting on the finishing touches and getting ready inside. I have to say – the inside is amazing. It is both historical and cosmopolitan. The building has a story, the furniture, decor and lighting are museum quality with their own stories. The bathrooms and private dining areas offer their own stories and must been seen to be believed, and lastly, there is the story of ‘Alexander’ – a generational relative of Mr Thomas and the middle name of his brother Belcario, both having lived in St Georges." — TNN

Please check the local media for the official opening day.

UNESCO Grants Recipients Announced 

Making a difference.

The 2023 recipients of the Corporation's support are diverse and dedicated to enhancing the vibrancy of the Town of St. George.

One notable initiative focuses on preserving the rich history of the town by supporting the local paper in telling captivating stories that showcase its unique character. Through this endeavor, the Corporation aims to ensure that the narratives of St. George's are not only preserved but also shared with a wider audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for our heritage.

Additionally, the Corporation recognizes the importance of maintaining the cherished landmarks within the community, particularly those found in local churches. By providing funding for their repair and restoration, the Corporation aims to safeguard these treasured sites, ensuring that they continue to be sources of pride and cultural significance for generations to come.

Moreover, the Corporation is actively involved in expanding outreach programs that make St. George's an even more enticing and engaging destination. These programs, driven by dedicated volunteers, aim to offer visitors a comprehensive experience, showcasing the town's unique attractions, cultural offerings, and natural beauty.

Recipients: Friends of St Peter's Church, Salvation Army, St George's Foundation, and St George's Crown.

Learn more about UNESCO Grants

Cruise Ship Exercise a Success

Protecting our ports.

Many people may not be aware, but St George's has a ports specialist right here in our midst. While most might assume that a cruise ship simply arrives at the harbor, docks at Penno's Wharf Terminal, and passengers disembark to explore the town, the reality is quite different. There is a significant amount of work that happens behind the scenes, which residents may not fully appreciate, all done to ensure your safety and protection.

One of the essential services provided by the office of the Corporation of St. George is overseeing the implementation of the International Ship and Port-Facility Security (ISPS) Code. According to this code, the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) is responsible for developing, implementing, revising, and maintaining the Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP). These measures are put in place to safeguard our port facilities.

It's true that many people may perceive the role of the Corporation's staff as simply being responsible for fixing potholes or sweeping the streets. However, the reality is that the office employs a highly qualified and experienced staff with a diverse range of skillsets, dedicated to caring for the town and ensuring its security and well-being.

During the exercise, representing the Corporation were Town Manager Foggo (in the pink top) and Mr. Simmons (in the blue top).

Read The Story


Super Yacht Marina Officially

(Photograph by Akil Simmons/Royal Gazette)

Premier Burt cuts the ribbon.

The Town of St. George can now proudly state that it has a world-class facility to serve residents and guests with regular marine craft, as well as accommodate super yacht-class vessels on a regular basis.

The completion of the project demonstrates that the Town can deliver high-caliber infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships. Substantial work on the project began in August 2022, and within nine months, the necessary construction and upgrades have been successfully delivered. 

The fulsome retrofit of the existing dock, including improved and designated dock areas for visiting yachts, offers local and international clientele:

  • 650 linear feet of visiting dockets for small yachts
  • 10 Stern to boat births for Super Yachts with mooring systems
  • Marina reception 
  • Showers 
  • laundry facilities
  • Lounge
  • An internet cafe 
  • Marine sewage service

To learn the story of this project's development, listen to Minister Burch's (responsible for municipalities) presentation to the House on June 2. Here

To watch the opening day presentation with Premier Burt, Minister Burch, Mr. Mark Soares, and MP Renee Ming, watch the video Here. Mayor Francis was off the island on opening day.

Minister's Presentation



  • Friday, June 16th, 17th, 18th - Portuguese Festival
  • Sunday, Jun 18th - Father's Day
  • Monday, June 19th - National Heroes Day
  • Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th - St. George's Heritage Camp
  • Friday, July 21st - Cup Match Extravaganza
  • Thursday, August 3rd - Emancipation Day   
  • Friday, August 4th - Mary Prince Day


July 21st, 2023: Cup Match Extravaganza Returns

Everyone is invited!

Sponsored by the UNESCO World Heritage Fund, the Corporation will once again host the Cup Match Extravaganza, aiming to promote the Town to the outside community and preserve our cultural heritage.

UNSECO says, "The Town of St George, founded in 1612, is an outstanding example of the earliest English urban settlement in the New World. Its associated fortifications graphically illustrate the development of English military engineering from the 17th to the 20th century, being adapted to take account of the development of artillery over this period."  Link

Culture plays a vital role in shaping our national identity as a World Heritage site. The Town is far more than a collection of architectural antiquities; it has undergone an evolutionary process while successfully maintaining its architecture, infrastructure, and military fortifications for over 400 years.

As a World Heritage Site, fortifications and preservation are our top priorities. However, the Town of St. George is vibrant and alive, so ensuring that teenagers, adults, seniors, and visiting guests can fully appreciate the value of what we have is important, and we have to create opportunities where they can take pride in celebrating our shared experiences. Look no further than the Unfinished Church to appreciate its value; who would have imagined that it could play such a precious role in the lives of so many families across the world?

Did you know …

You can host a major or intimate event in St. George’s at one of the amazing locations; Penno’s Wharf, Somers Garden, King's Square and Town Hall, any of these spots are beautiful and idyllic to host a company function, weddings, milestone birthday or any occasion. For more information please contact CSG Offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 297-1532.

Sharing Town Happenings 

The Business of Communicating With Residents.

Imagine a company situated 700 miles away from the nearest landmass—a company that has stood the test of time for over 400 years. Established in 1612 by the Virginia Company of London, it began as a remote outpost for the United Kingdom. Even in the present day, this company proudly upholds its connection to the past, a testament to its enduring spirit.

To discover the remarkable journey of this company, one can delve into the annals of history at the local library or simply consult the vast knowledge available through a quick Google search with the keyword "Bermuda". Communicating through print or online shares the story of the Bermuda Company, officially named the Company of the "City of London for the Plantacion of the Somers Isles."

Communication, as we all know, is the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. It enables us to connect with stakeholders (government, investors), customers (residents and businesses), and the wider community (tourists and international partners) we serve. However, the challenge lies in adapting to the diverse preferences of its audience. The company must strike a delicate balance, embracing modern communication methods to engage modern customers while ensuring the satisfaction of its loyal, long-standing patrons.

Now, let us shift our focus to the corporation known as St. George's, a legacy subsidiary of the Virginia Company of London. Over the years, it has been fortunate to witness the evolution of various communication options at its disposal. From traditional mail to phone, telex, satellite, and undersea fibre communications, each advancement has opened doors to new economic opportunities and strengthened the bonds with its customers and partners.

Curiously, amidst these technologically advanced means of connection, the people of St. George's have held onto a deep appreciation for personal contact. Face-to-face interactions remain cherished, fostering a sense of intimacy that surpasses the common digital tools prevalent elsewhere.

In 2017, the town embraced high-speed internet, empowering it with lightning-fast 1,000 Mbps service. Nonetheless, it is important to note that not everyone in the Town of St. George is connected online or wants to be. In such close-knit communities, the power of word-of-mouth endures, even though it may not always be as timely or accurate as digital communication.

The story of this resilient company that is Bermuda and its remarkable corporation that is St. George's teaches us that progress and tradition can coexist harmoniously, enriching our lives and strengthening our bonds. In today's fast-paced world, digital communications have become a necessity, not just a desire. While the latest technology isn't a cure-all, it has become an integral communication tool to keep all residents informed, regardless of demographic or technological interest.

Explore Getting Online

If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.