General Meeting

The next meeting day is July 27th, 6 PM in the Town Hall.  During the meeting, you will learn about all the projects underway and new programs and projects we may be undertaking.  The standard agenda follows:

1. Welcome
2. Observances/Celebrations
3. Town Manager / Secretary Report 
4. Committee Reports and Recommendations 
5. Government Board Member's Reports 
6. Other Board Member Reports 
7. Public Q&A Period





There were none.

* All resolutions require the approval of the Minister responsible for Municipalities.

Road Closures

When the Corporation hosts major events, we will reduce public access to ensure public safety. On some occasions, there are no road closures, but there may be traffic delays as the participants exit the Town.

From: Friday, July 21 - 12 noon
To: Friday, July 21 - 11:59 pm
Street: King's Square
Event: Cup Match Extravaganza

Trash Collection

Public holidays may disrupt the collection of trash in the Town of St. George for business and residents.

Holiday Collections:
- Cup Match - Saturday, August 5th

Introducing Zones

To better serve the residents of the Town, we will be introducing Town Zones as a new outreach program.

The purpose of the initiative is for the Council to enhance its outreach to residents who may be part of the St. George's Community but may not be living in a digital environment. Most importantly, it aims to reestablish the hallmark of Town living by building a closer connection among residents. This effort aligns with our greater goal of embracing our World Heritage status while informing residents about the work of the Council and the Corporation.  

Our plan is to introduce zones and designate residential councillors for outreach, similar to an MP, but exclusively for Municipal business, programs, and information.

As we formalise our plans, we will be reaching out directly to you.

Roots: Black Families in St. George's 1616-1875s

The Corporation's Role.

Prof. Michael Jarvis, Associate Professor of Atlantic & Digital History at the University of Rochester, made a presentation in June at the St. George's Cricket Club about the lives of black individuals in St. George's over a 250-year span. He highlighted the role of the Corporation of St. George's and shed light on the reality of town life during that time. According to Mr. Jarvis, in 1780, the St. George's Corporation established its own police force, which involved implementing a night watch consisting of eight men who conducted regular patrols throughout the night. This arrangement appears to bear similarities to the slave patrols observed in the American colonies.

History tells stories that fascinate and sometimes disturb, but it represents the reality of our roots. These presentations are critical and help us understand who we are and why it is very important to celebrate milestones of success. As we embark on the World Heritage program, we need to be mindful of the prism through which we view our "cherished" town history.

We invite you to watch the full presentation, and if you have questions or comments, reach out to the Department of Culture, the facilitator of the presentation.

Election Results

St. George's To Power The Nation

Town Hall - Wind Power: Install farm off St. George's.

As the nation's first venue, Penno's Terminal was used by the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RA) to present their national proposals to deliver wind power to the island. During their presentation, they revealed that they had assessed various locations around the island and determined that St. George's was the most suitable for their needs. The presenters highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of the proposed wind farm, including height restrictions due to its proximity to the airport, ecological concerns related to coral and fishing zones, and the significant cost of transmitting power underwater. Wind production is expected to provide 30% of Bermuda's power in the near future, in addition to commercial solar, private solar, and traditional fossil fuel production.

Attendees voiced their concerns about the construction of the farm, raising issues such as the potential impact on marine life, offshore maintenance challenges with the substation located at the Wind Farm instead of on land, the lifespan of the turbines, and the future disposal of byproducts. Concerns regarding hurricanes were also noted.

The RA informed the public that this is a consultation process and they are seeking feedback on the proposed plan to deliver a new source of energy that reduces fossil fuel emissions. It should be noted that the RA's role is not to build projects but to create an environment for developers to establish businesses.

The public was directed to visit the RA's website to provide feedback and download the consultation plan.

The RA emphasized that the impact on St. George's would be minimal as the visual line of sight would be off Ferry Reach. They assured attendees that any construction-related noise would be limited to a six-month window.

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Enhanced Ferry Service

Extra lift added to the regular schedule!

The Minister of Transport, Hon. Wayne Furbert, announced the commencement of enhanced ferry service to St. George's. The service operates every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting from Hamilton with a stop in Dockyard. It began on June 5th and will continue until August 31st. Additionally, two Saturday dates (July 15th and August 12th) have been added to accommodate large cruise ships, and another date on Thursday, October 26th, is included for specific cruise passengers. The Ministry of Transport remains committed to providing a convenient, efficient, and scenic ferry service, and residents are encouraged to explore St. George's by taking advantage of the updated schedule available on the Marine and Ports website.

See the updated schedule


Congratulations to Wahoo's.

Award of Excellence: Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio
Food, Drink & Fun

"Receiving the most mentions amongst voters and wins in three additional categories this year, Wahoo’s rightfully earns the coveted Award of Excellence for its consistency, friendly waitstaff and “staple” status." — Bermudian Magazine

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Disappointing. :-(

Hard work destroyed.

We are disappointed to learn that someone has vandalised our gardens and some of the planters around the town. In the last newsletter, a resident applauded the work of our staff, but days later, we now have to ask members of the public to be respectful of our town. Vandals dug up our plantings in the garden and turned on the watering hose, leaving it on and draining the tank.

While we do accept that mischief can happen, there is a price to pay to fill that tank; all that heavy rain is lost. And to continue with our town beautification programme, we have to do the work over, which is disheartening considering the heat. It was just reported that July 3 was the hottest day on Earth.

This is your Town, and we should all care for it.



  • Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th - Heritage Camp St. George's
  • Thursday, July 13th - Red Cross: Climate Change and Bermuda
  • Friday, July 21st - Cup Match Extravaganza
  • Thursday, August 3rd - Emancipation Day   
  • Friday, August 4th - Mary Prince Day


July 21st, 2023: Cup Match Extravaganza Returns

Raise Your Spirits and Free Your Soul!

July 21st is the Cup Match Extravaganza on King's Square.

Come celebrate with family, friends, and your favourite Cup Match Team! And thanks to the generous support of UNESCO Grants, entry and parking are completely FREE!

Get ready to be blown away by an extraordinary showcase of Bermuda's most incredible live entertainment!

Beyond the joy of dancing and cheering, this event holds deeper significance. We will gather in our World Heritage Site, a place of immense historical and cultural importance worldwide. Here, we will honor and remember those who have made sacrifices to secure our freedom. Recent global events serve as a timely reminder to cherish these precious opportunities, as freedom is a right granted through changes in laws, and those laws can be altered.

So, come and be a part of history in St. George. Let loose, unwind, and let your spirits soar as Bermuda's very own Song Bird, Cindy Smith, takes the stage. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing dance steps of United Dance Productions, and then set your soul free with the infectious soca rhythms of Fire Wayne!

Visit the official event page:


The Cup Match Extravaganza

Did you know …

You can host a major or intimate event in St. George’s at one of the amazing locations; Penno’s Wharf, Somers Garden, King's Square and Town Hall, any of these spots are beautiful and idyllic to host a company function, weddings, milestone birthday or any occasion. For more information please contact CSG Offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 297-1532.

Celebrating the Business Ambassadors of the Town. 

 Celebrating the Business Ambassadors of the Town.

We are thrilled to highlight the numerous businesses that have made the Town of St. George their vibrant hub, infusing invaluable technical know-how into various sectors such as food, marine, engineering, hospitality, cosmetology, and more. These businesses truly embody the spirit of innovation and contribute to the growth and success of our town.

While there may be varying opinions about the direction of our town, it is important to recognize the diverse perspectives that exist. Some envision progress and change, seeking a dynamic environment that embraces innovation. Others long for a peaceful haven reminiscent of the town's glorious tourism days, where history and British influences were celebrated with charm. Both viewpoints hold a certain allure, highlighting the unique character of our town.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that successful businesses must evolve to thrive in an ever-changing world. History has shown us examples like Detroit, the home of the Supremes and GM, which once embodied an innovative spirit that helped shape America. Unfortunately, Detroit's failure to adapt to industry changes led to its decline. This serves as a powerful reminder that businesses must listen to customer needs and remain responsive to industry demands to ensure long-term success.

In the Town, we understand the importance of supporting our businesses in their pursuit of excellence. Every day, hardworking employees and visionary business owners come together to create a prosperous environment that benefits us all. Their dedication, hard work, and grace even in challenging times contribute to the growth and prosperity of our town.

Today, we take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the business ambassadors who have chosen the Town of St. George to make history. We are proud to celebrate their achievements and the positive impact they have on our community. Together, we can foster an environment of continuous growth, innovation, and prosperity for years to come.

Welcome to St. George's Business Life.

St. George's Business Life

If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.