General Meeting

The next meeting day is September 28th, 6 PM in the Town Hall.  During the meeting, you will learn about all the projects underway and new programs and projects we may be undertaking.  The standard agenda follows:

1. Welcome
2. Observances/Celebrations
3. Town Manager / Secretary Report 
4. Committee Reports and Recommendations 
5. Government Board Member's Reports 
6. Other Board Member Reports 
7. Public Q&A Period





There were none.

* All resolutions require the approval of the Minister responsible for Municipalities.

Road Closures

When the Corporation hosts major events, we will reduce public access to ensure public safety. On some occasions, there are no road closures, but there may be traffic delays as the participants exit the Town.

From: Friday, September 15 - 5:00 pm
To: Sunday, September 17 - 11:00 pm
Street: Ordnance Island
Event: St. George's Seafood Festival

Sunday, September 17 - 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Street: King’s Square
Event: St. George's Seafood Festival

Trash Collection

Public holidays may disrupt the collection of trash in the Town of St. George for business and residents.

Holiday Collections:
- None

Save The Flag!

Thank you to our Towne stars:

Nazri Butterfield 
Jahmiah Cocklin
Znaz Jones
Kenaz Askia

The Corporation Team extends heartfelt gratitude to this group of courageous young boys who fearlessly plunged into St. George's Harbour to retrieve the dislodged 8ft flag of the Corporation of St. George's. Diving from the bridge has been a cherished tradition for generations in our towne. Despite the recent opening of the new Superyacht Marina, this tradition remains undisturbed, and we deeply value that continuity.

We greatly appreciate the preservation of bridge diving because, without it, we would not have had the privilege of witnessing the heroic and selfless act demonstrated by these young boys in rescuing the towne's flag. Their actions highlight that the spirit of being a St. Georgian is still very much alive.

Thank you!

The Perfect Backdrop

A picture is worth a thousand reposts.

The In recent days, Towne has truly shined on the national stage through a captivating advertising campaign by Gibbon's Company, which operates Palm Lane in the Towne, the Premier of Bermuda showcasing our landmark Unfinished Church, and elements of the Towne that include our very own Somers Garden being prominently showcased in a captivating short film about Bermuda.

At times, we may overlook the true worth of our surroundings until they're brought into focus, as evidenced by these remarkable opportunities for stunning photographs and videos. Alternatively, we might only fully appreciate something once it's no longer accessible—a fate that tragically befell Lahaina, Maui. The Corporation of St. George’s extends its heartfelt sympathies to all affected by the fire in that town.

It remains of paramount importance to recognise and celebrate our invaluable treasures. By doing so, we can uplift our collective experiences and safeguard them as cherished keepsakes that eloquently portray the captivating narrative of life in St. George’s Towne. Remember the timeless saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Therefore, some will see an old and boring towne, while others will see a glorious spectacle of treasures.  

We Will Miss You 

Michelle Simmons - October 20, 1952 - August 11, 2023.

Heroes.  As kids, we thought of them as cartoons. As adults, we grew to understand that heroes mean different things to different people. However, we collectively agree that a hero is someone we can look up to, model, be proud of, and feel profound sadness when they are not part of our lives. Dr. Simmons was a towne hero for the principles she instilled and the determination she applied to make Bermuda a better place through education and civic duty. Her contribution created new heroes to inspire and guide the next generation. Our towne hero will be sorely missed.    

Originating from post-slavery Bermuda, this extraordinary two-day event has transformed into a unifying tradition that transcends racial boundaries, standing tall as a beacon of hope in the face of oppression. It represents our resilience and unity as a nation.    

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of this captivating documentary that delves into the profound significance of Cup Match. Through a tapestry of Bermudian voices, Cup Match: Legacy of Honour explores this unique touchstone that intertwines our people, culture and the esteemed legacy in Bermuda.


Only One Way 

Old Maid's Lane.

We recently updated our road markings to remind the public that Old Maid's Lane is one-way. Visitors to our towne might not be sure of traffic flow and direction, so markings help ensure the safe movement of all vehicles throughout the towne.


A Real Olde Towne 

Present the Town in Period Costume to Accurately Reflect Olde Towne Life.

In order to provide an authentic experience for both guests and tourists visiting the World Heritage Site, an idea has been proposed to ensure that the towne accurately portrays the appearance of Olde Towne life. Millions of people travel to destination locations that offer immersive experiences based on specific time periods or unique themes. And those endeavors significantly contributes to the economic growth and trade of these locales.

What are your thoughts on the Towne dressing in period costume? Share your feedback through our brief survey.

Period Costume Survey



  • Monday, September 11th - First Day of School


St. George's Seafood Festival - September 17th

About the St. George's Seafood Festival.

The second annual showcase of Bermuda's rich seafood culture will be held in the historic town of St George's. The best of the best local vendors will be serving up local dishes from our ocean and while you chow down, you will be sure to be entertained by a host of Bermudian performers. With a fun park section dedicated to the little ones, this is a great day out for the whole family.

Please visit the BTA's website for up-to-date event details.  

To learn about the VIP Experience, visit PTix.

Seafood Festival

Did you know …

You can host a major or intimate event in St. George’s at one of the amazing locations; Penno’s Wharf, Somers Garden, King's Square and Town Hall, any of these spots are beautiful and idyllic to host a company function, weddings, milestone birthday or any occasion. For more information please contact CSG Offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 297-1532.

What is our UNESCO World Heritage Site?  

Bermuda's UNESCO World Heritage Site designation is a matter of great importance, reflecting the unique historical and architectural significance of the St. George's area. In order to accurately and effectively present this designation, it is imperative to understand the specific criteria and limitations that govern the scope of the designation.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site designation for Bermuda pertains exclusively to land and buildings within the St. George's area. The focus of this designation is to recognise and preserve outstanding examples of a particular type of building, architectural or technological ensemble, or landscape that illustrates significant stages in human history. Specifically, the designation encompasses the Towne of St. George and its surrounding forts, forming a collection of buildings dating from the period between 1600 and 1800.  The UNESCO criteria are a cornerstone of the World Heritage Site Management Plan, which uses UNESCO's designation as the basis for its work, and it is noted that the core focus of the Plan is on buildings and lands.

The most excellent example of land and buildings would be the Globe Hotel, which is rated Grade 1.

It is important to note that the UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) designation for Bermuda does not include culture, food, lifestyle, or traditions. While these aspects hold significant value, they fall under separate designations provided by UNESCO, which are Criterion 3 and Criterion 6.

Criterion 3 pertains to the unique or exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or civilization, while Criterion 6 relates to direct or tangible associations with events, living traditions, ideas, beliefs, and artistic works of outstanding universal significance. These designations are not afforded to Bermuda through UNESCO's WHS designation.

Therefore, when presenting St. George's UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is crucial to focus on the historical and architectural elements of the Towne and its surrounding forts.

The Olde Towne of St. George is a true reflection of the 1600s and later, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment devoid of modern artifacts. The Towne is unique in that it emphasises the authenticity of the architecture and landscapes that capture this historical era, which is found in only a few places across the globe.

Last Available Site Management Plan

If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.