General Meeting

The next meeting day is Thursday, April 25, 6 PM in the Towne Hall.  During the meeting, you will learn about all the projects underway and new programs and projects we may be undertaking.  The standard agenda follows:

1. Welcome
2. Observances/Celebrations
3. Town Manager / Secretary Report 
4. Committee Reports and Recommendations 
5. Government Board Member's Reports 
6. Other Board Member Reports 
7. Public Q&A Period



Ducking Stool Returns for the Season

Corporation of St. George's events programme restarts.

The Town of St. George reenacts a historic punishment – the Ducking Stool. This event takes place on Ordnance Island, during the tourist season (April to October). Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1 pm, visitors and locals gather to witness a glimpse into Bermuda's colonial past.

The reenactment involves a volunteer playing the role of a punished townsperson. Dressed in period clothing, they're seated in a wooden chair attached to a long arm. With the assistance of nearby tourists and a dramatic push, the chair dips the participant into the St. George’s Harbour waters, simulating the original punishment.

The audience reaction is a gasp, with cheers and laughter ringing out after the dunking. This interactive element adds to the experience, allowing the public to engage with the town's history. The reenactment serves as a reminder of Bermuda's past while offering informative activity for visitors that is not found anywhere else in Bermuda that has the historic atmosphere.


Test pilot of ride sharing begins April 1

Bermuda's "UBER" arrives.

Bermuda is breaking with tradition and launching on-demand transportation with ride-sharing services. After decades of taxis being the primary source of on-call transport, the Bermuda government has approved the go-ahead for a digital "UBER" service for Bermuda.

Taxi operators have voiced their concerns about the competition. However, the limitations of the local taxi network are undeniable. Imagine needing a quick trip to the Market Place, a laundry run, or a ride home after the Onion Drop at midnight; finding a taxi readily available for these short journeys can be a challenge. The economics of running a taxi business naturally favour a focus on bulk routes like hotels, airports, and the Dockyard. Short individual trips generate the same base fare, but per-mile travel requires more utilisation than a journey of $45 from St. George's to Hamilton or $90 to Dockyard. It's understandable that taxi operators prioritise their business model, and they undoubtedly play a vital role in efficiently transporting larger groups within the community.

Here's where ride-sharing comes in. It fills the gap for individual trips between parishes, especially for errands or destinations outside the town center. While high demand from cruise ship passengers is expected, the service offers further benefits. Busy executives can hop in a ride-sharing app at noon, grab lunch in town, and be back in Hamilton by 2:30 p.m., enjoying convenient 30-minute commutes on-demand.

Learn more:

Announcement (Audio)

Recap: St. George's Got a Wild Makeover (Sorry)! 

Bermuda Triple Challenge takes over the town.

Press pause on museums and leisurely heritage walks - The Town of St. George went ROGUE last month!  The historic town turned into an epic obstacle course for the Argus Urban Foot Race, the kick-off to the Bermuda Triple Challenge Team.

This wasn't your typical tourist stroll!   As dusk settled, the historic town morphed into a 2km obstacle course unlike any other. Gone were the usual sights of quaint shops and pastel-colored cottages. Instead, runners navigated a labyrinth of challenges designed by the Bermuda Triangle Team.  Imagine scaling obstacles where historical plaques stood, or battling through workouts between centuries-old buildings.

The 27 obstacles were a far cry from historical markers! This was "urban assault" with a twist, pushing athletes to their limits.  The Argus Urban Foot Race proves the town is more than just a museum - it's a thrilling playground for modern athletes!  This race transformed the familiar into the extraordinary.

Would YOU be up for this challenge?

Watch The Highlights


Recap: Young Voices Take Center Stage at CSG’s UNESCO World Poetry Day! 

Brave, inspired, Bermuda's best.

There's something special, something real about growing up in a town. It's more than just streets and houses; it's a shared experience, a blend woven from countless memories. For our youngsters, those memories become the threads that bind them to their community.

Last month, the spirit of that connection was on full display at the annual UNESCO CSG World Poetry Day on the Square. It was a lively celebration of youth, culture, and the power of self-expression. A quick snapshot:

  • Students from St. George's Prep recited poems about the forts, the colorful houses, and the natural beauty of St. George's.
  • Students from East End Primary performed a dramatic piece about a student who is adventuring in St. George's.
  • Students from St. David's Primary recited poems about what it’s like to grow up in St. George's and the town's history.

Here's the thing, some of those young orators might not have known it, but there they were, reciting their poems with passion, unaware that a silent supporter in the audience was none other than the president of Bermuda's most influential association!  This surprise only amplified the significance of the event. Now, that doesn't mean the president's presence held more weight than their performance or the event itself—not at all. But it highlights the beauty of town-life. The degrees of separation shrink, connections deepen, and possibilities blossom. These children, they might just be building lifelong networks that'll serve them long after graduation day.

And let's not forget the Minister of Education, taking the time to witness these budding voices share their art. It's moments like these that shape well-rounded citizens, instill a sense of belonging, and ignite a purpose within them.

A huge shoutout to everyone involved! To the students who bravely took the stage, your talent shone brightly. To the organizers who made it happen, your dedication is an inspiration. And finally, a big thank you to Food Hub for keeping those young bellies full with post-poetry pizza – a champion move, if we ever saw one!  Thank you to the Corporation of St. George’s staff for setting up the event, we couldn’t have done it without them!

Participating schools: St. David's Primary, St. Georges Preparatory, and East End Primary. Francis Patton was unable to attend this year.

Watch Poetry Day



Spring Into Action Pop-Up Market
Sunday, April 7th | 12pm – 5pm | King’s Square

The Annual Ag Show
Thursday, April 18th-20th | Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget Parish>

Convex End-To-End Race
Saturday, April 27th | Starts on King’s Square

Annual Peppercorn Ceremony
Wednesday, May 8th | 10:30AM | King’s Square


Spring Into Action Pop-Up Market

Sunday, April 7th | 12pm – 5pm | King’s Square


Convex End-to-End

Come and root for your favourite team as they navigate through the Town.

Saturday, April 27th | Starts on King’s Square

Every step makes a difference.  The Corporation of St. George's is proud to host the start of the annual Convex End-to-End, a national charity event. We are grateful to the organizers for their enduring commitment to supporting the third sector and inspiring people to get moving for a positive cause. The End-to-End has made significant contributions to the community, improving the lives of many. 

Did you know …


You can host an event in St. George’s at one of the amazing locations: Penno’s Wharf, Somers Garden, King's Square and Towne Hall. Each of these venues are beautiful and idyllic to host a company function, wedding (singular), birthday or special occasion. For more information please contact Rennika Denbrook at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 297-1532.

UNESCO Visits St. George to Discuss Preservation and Progress.

Town red carpet to UNESCO.

A team from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) descended upon Bermuda for a much-anticipated visit to St. George's, the island's historic town, designated as a World Heritage Site in 2000. Their mission? To assess the current state of this architectural gem and its surrounding fortifications. But beneath the veneer of cultural preservation, a simmering tension between progress and heritage simmered.

In a presentation to the House, Bermuda's government highlighted that, on the one hand, recent construction projects like the St. Regis development and the marina project aimed at revitalizing the town and boosting tourism. Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works, argued these projects were necessary for short-term economic growth. However, concerns have been expressed. St. George's once thrived with cruise ships, thriving Tuesday night markets, and a vibrant local scene. Today, some businesses are shuttered, infrastructure requires upgrades, and historic buildings face neglect. Colonel Burch acknowledged this in the House [audio], but emphasized the challenges: a lack of investment and outdated policies.

At the heart of the delegation's mission was the challenge of charting a course for Bermuda's future that would endure. Could Bermuda, and specifically the Town of St. George, find a way to thrive economically while also carefully protecting its heritage, as required by UNESCO? The key was to strike a harmonious balance between moving forward and honoring the past.

UNESCO's visit in 2000 lauded St. George's as "an authentic and the earliest example of an English colonial town in the New World." Its cobbled streets, pastel-colored houses, and formidable forts painted a crisp picture of Bermuda's rich past. But a World Heritage designation came with responsibility. The outstanding universal value – the very reason for the distinction – had to be protected.

The five-day UNESCO mission involved consultations with stakeholders, a review of development plans, and an assessment of the town's current state. Bermuda hopes to leverage this visit to gain valuable insights and chart a sustainable course for St. George's. Colonel Burch emphasized, "We want the entity's feedback. We want the advisory mission to be a success. But more importantly, our priority is the people of St. George's and the people of Bermuda."


Listen Now


Dive into Digital: Workshop Equipped St. George's Businesses.

The town shows its business side.

The Town of St. George recently showcased its business acumen in a workshop designed to empower local enterprises. In today's digital age, a strong online presence is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. However, for businesses nestled within the town's tight-knit community, venturing into the digital realm could feel daunting.

This informative session, held recently in St. George's, addressed these concerns head-on, offering valuable insights on building and amplifying an online presence.

The workshop emphasized the importance of taking that initial leap. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a complete digital novice, getting started was identified as the key. The session guided attendees through the process, from their current stage all the way to crafting user-friendly websites and engaging content.

Bermuda's online landscape is unique due to its close-knit nature. Here, everyone seems to know everyone! However, an online presence allows businesses to extend their reach beyond familiar faces, attracting new audiences they might otherwise miss.

Having an online presence has transformed from a mere advantage to a critical component. Consumers rely heavily on the internet for information, and businesses without a digital footprint risk being left behind. From checking operating hours to browsing products, many turn to Google first. By neglecting an online presence, businesses inadvertently exclude themselves from a vast pool of potential customers actively searching for their offerings.

Thankfully, initiatives like the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) workshop empowered local businesses. By providing essential resources and guidance, organizations like the BEDC equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to navigate the digital world, ensuring that no business gets left behind in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you need business help, we have it in the Town of St. George at the BEDC. Call: 292-5570.


If you have a passion for food, we invite you to patronize any of our Town dining establishments.