Frequently Asked Questions
by the community
  • What is the purpose of the Town Plan? +

    A Town Plan gives the community direction on how their Town will be developed for the benefit of all.

  • How often is the Town Plan developed? +

    The Town Plan should be reviewed in line with the Government census. The census provides important indicators on demographic changes which impact resources and funding sources.

  • What does a Town Plan encompass? +
     “TownBoundry"Click Map To Enlarge

    Management of land within the following borders: 
    The limits of the Town of St. George shall extend from the westernmost line of the glebe land to the easternmost line of land formerly of Edwin Stone Burch, Esquire, afterwards of the Honourable A.F. Cockrane, Esquire, and shall include Ordnance Island and the causeway connecting Ordnance Island to St. George’s Island.

    Managing projects with such a size as:
    - St. George’s Marina Project
    - Restoration of docks at Market Wharf, Hunter’s Wharf, and Penno’s.
    - Park Gates embankment reinstatement
    - Reconstruction of the demolished building at 20 Wellington Street

    Managing limited funding sources
    - wharfage from airport
    - port fees from cruise ships and yachts
    - There are no municipal taxes to fund projects and/or service
  • What impact does a Town Plan have on: +
    - Residents - A plan indicates how many residents will have an adequate supply of municipal services such as trash collection, water, sewage and road access. And the creation of new services fits the purpose and overall vision of the Town.

    - Businesses - A plan indicates the resources available and services maintained to support current businesses and industries, for example, parking lots, road access and repair, planning approval, and dock facility support, to name a few. Additionally, programmes are designed to help encourage people to choose the Town as a place to live or vacation.

    - Infrastructure - A plan provides for the modernization of existing services and the accommodation of future services while retaining the island's national status as a World Heritage Site. A programme is built-in to monitor technological changes and introduce them in a timely fashion in conjunction with Town partners or new industries changes. Examples include the installation of fiber optic cables, CCTV cameras, a unified national sewage programme and even solar panels and charging stations. Although the Town is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it maintains all modern conveniences.
  • Who do you partner/communicate with during the planning process? +

    Residents, businesses, the government, and investors are all involved in the process. Surveying, face-to-face meetings, research, and continuing engagement are all part of the Town Plan process.

  • What does the Town / CSG own, manage or maintain? +
    Main roads:
    Public municipal roads not private estate roads. Public Roads-MPW

    Buildings include:
    - Town Hall
    - Market Wharf Building
    - Penno’s Cruise Terminal
    - Queen’s Warehouse
    - Penno’s Warehouse

    - Water
    - Sewage
    - Trash
    - Electricity (to CSG venues)
    - Street lighting
    - Parks
    - Beach building

    Contact CSG
    - To have events on CSG owned property
    - Inform us of property matter
  • What is NOT the Town’s property, assets or responsibility? +
    • CSG is not responsible for buildings and lands owned by private residents or businesses.  
    • CSG can only create ordinances to establish common standards.  
    • Architectural elements are the domain of St. George’s Preservation Authority (SGPA).
  • What current activity is in progress (that would be part of a Town Plan?) +
    All projects that are submitted for planning approval and requires CSG to provide approval.
  • Who is the Steering Committee? +
    • Mayor George Dowling III, JP, Chairman
    • Laura Purroy, Bermuda Hotel Co.
    • Kelli Thompson, Saltwater Jewellry Design
    • Garon Dowling, RUBiS Dowling's Marine Service Station
    • Andrew Roberts, Owner, QTS Bermuda Ltd
    • Pastor, Lorne Bean, Richard Allen A.M.E. Church
    • Mark Soares, President, Bermuda Yacht Services
  • What is the role of the Steering Committee? +

    To analyze data, provide direction, and support progress

  • What are the top projects for the Steering Committee or the Town? +

    As executive outcomes from the Town Plan, we are considering three levels.

    • For infrastructure, we are looking at the full development of Ordnance Island and its attached marina.

    • In economic sustainability, engage stakeholders in programmes that are mutually beneficially in generating revenue for the CSG and businesses.

    • And socially support community programmes that will see people from a cross-section of the community come together to share ideas and experiences.

  • What special consideration has to be made because of its heritage and UNESCO status? +

    CSG meets with Town partners regularly to review special conditions associated with work that is commencing in the Town. Works and Engineering, BELCO, Planning, SGPA, Telecoms, Marine and Ports, and the National Trust are just a few examples. The Town’s status as a World Heritage Site is always balanced with the needs of the living town. St George's has evolved over 400 years of continuous occupation, from the industrial to the information era, and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Are there any absolutes NOs for the Town? +

    Modern projects are feasible if they adhere to certain guidelines. The Town works with a range of partners and is guided by the Bermuda Plan for 2018. For example: Development within the Town of St. George Historic Protection Area shall comply with the following development regulations:- (a) the maximum building height shall not exceed three storys; and (b) reflective glass shall not be permitted.

  • What is your plan for communicating the progress of the Town Plan and projects around the Town? +

    Progress on the Town Plan can found on the Corporation of St George's website, Major announcements will be published in the media and the Town's official Facebook Page. For direct updates, sign up for the Town Newsletter.

  • Who carries out the work of the Town Plan? +

    The Corporation of St George executes projects listed in the Town Plan.