The Corporation of St George's

About Our Town

About the Corporation
The Corporation of St. George's is responsible for administering all aspect of the Town.
Our services include garbage collection, street sweeping, maintaining the numerous parks, and port management.

The Municipalities Amendment Act of 2013 changed the structure of Corporation to One Mayor and Eight Councillors. The administration team is lead by the Secretary who is supported by the Supervisor of Works, Administrative Staff and Work Staff.

There are 19 staff members employed by the Corporation who ensure that St. George’s, a World Heritage Site, remains spotless and efficiently run.
Our Mission
We are committed to being effective stewards, working collaboratively to enhance the heritage and culture of the birthplace of Bermuda and maintaining the UNESCO World Heritage Site Designation in the most effective way to serve the Town of St. George.



The composition of the Corporation of St. George's was changed through the Municipalities Amendment Act 2013. The Act changed the structure of the Corporation from a Mayor, three Aldermen and five Common Councillors to a Mayor and eight Councillors, all of whom serve without remuneration.


The Corporation of St. George's is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Town of St. George. Corporation meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month in the Town Hall. Members serve on Committees, each chaired by a Member, who then make recommendations to the full Corporation.


Corporation elections are held every three years. Any Bermuda resident listed on the Parliamentary Register, over the age of 18, and who meet the criteria and who does not currently hold political office may run in a Town election. Residents who live in the Town limits and meet the criteria are eligible to vote in Corporation elections. A Bye- or Extraordinary- Election is held if a Member of the Council dies, retires or resigns from office.


The powers of both the Corporation of St. George's and the City of Hamilton are contained in The Municipalities Act 1923. Each Corporation is empowered to pass certain ordinances, but any ordinance designed to collect fees or raise revenue must first be approved by Parliament. The Corporations do, however, have the power to raise taxes by a small amount each year without Parliamentary approval. Anyone committing an offence against a Corporation Ordinance would be subject to prosecution by the Bermuda Police Service.

When We Meet

A monthly meeting is held in the Town Hall. The public is invited to attend.

General Meetings
Location:Town Hall, Kings Square, St George
Chairperson Mayor Quinell Francis, JP
  • All Councill members attend
  • Candy-Lee Foggo - Town Manager/Secretary
  • Public sits quietly in the gallery
Meeting: 4th Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm

The Board discussed Town matters related to respective committees. If you have a matter for the Board, please contact the Town Manager in advance.

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