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We invite you to visit and experience one of the oldest towns in the western hemisphere.
Born in 1612 by a shipwreck, the Town of St George has been operating for over 400 years. The Town has survived two World Wars, the invention of the industrial age, the space age, and now lives in the AI age with fibre optic services of up to 1,000 Mbps going to homes.
Throughout it all, we have kept the true elements of small-town living. Town elders ensured historical buildings and residences remained intact although modernization took place; they balanced the natural beauty, environment, and tranquilly against Town commerce and the need for advancement.
St George's offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You can wake up in a 17th-century residence, eat local food caught fresh today, explore real British forts, relax on the beach with fresh local cocktails, and fall asleep to the sounds of melodic native tree frogs.
Stay In St George
We invite you to visit and experience one of the oldest towns in the western hemisphere.
Make the Town of St George your first choice when staying in Bermuda. Live in neighbourhoods where people are friendly, you can walk to the coffee shop or bakery, sit among the locals, and eat fresh island food.
Start your island adventure in your neighbourhood then book an excursion to visit the national museum, spend the day on the water, or party with the restless native into the wee hours of the morning Bermuda-style.
Bermuda has it all — peaceful neighbourhoods. historic Town and vibrant business district. There is no other place like it in this region. St. George offers you all the charm of an old-world marine Town with all the modern-day amenities found in the best vacation spots in the world.

Explore by land, bike or sea.

Explore The Town St George
You can find adventure by foot, bike or sea.
Enjoy All That St George Has To Offer
Try our eateries. Shop our boutiques. Visit our one of a kind exhibits.
Taste The Freshness
Fresh local fish sandwiches, Bermuda lobster, and heavenly rum swizzles.